Evolve Athletic is dedicated to providing the best exercise programming and coaching in line with your ambition.

Our exceptional Coaches will train you into becoming a fitter, faster, stronger, and healthier version of yourself.

We are here as guides so that you may go out and realise your goals, whatever they may be.




My goal with Evolve Athletic is to cut through the noise surrounding exercise and nutrition and bring high quality Sport Science and Exercise Coaching to more people.

I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 2005. After graduating, I went onto work as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist for some of the UK's top professional sporting teams and individuals.
I've worked in Pro14 Rugby (Scarlets RFC), Premiership Football (Swansea City AFC), Mixed Martial Arts (Cage Warriors), Triathlon, Boxing, Surfing and Climbing, coaching elite level athletes competing at National and International level, before going solo and starting Evolve Athletic.

I have always been fascinated by our ability for adaptation and the stimulus / training that drives it.
It is our ability to adapt and grow, that opens doors and enables us to fully engage and take our experiences further.
At its core this is what Evolve Athletic is all about.


Josh is our breakdancing personal trainer. His breakdancing journey began back in 2002 and it quickly became his obsession. He would often train 4 hours a day, fine-tuning his 'breaking' skills to the point where he toured with one of the best breakdancing groups in the UK. His breakdancing has been on display at demos, tours and competitions around Britain, Germany, Holland and Miami.

Breakdance training is a total body workout. It builds whole body strength, endurance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Josh’s experience in training, coupled with the fact that he’s always enjoyed helping people ‘move’ better, naturally led him to a career as a Personal Trainer.

Josh the PT, manages to mix in the more standard exercises and training methods with his experience as a breakdancer, creating some unique and really fun workouts.
With his super friendly vibe, and enthusiasm to help you succeed, you’ll walk away from Josh’s training session with a new sense of rhythm and a much better robot dance than you ever had before!


Joe first stepped into a boxing gym at the age of 9 and has been in and out of boxing gyms ever since. Now, twenty-two years later, he is passing on his extensive experience, passion, and knowledge of Boxing and exercise as a qualified ABA Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer.

Joe is a true professional in every way. He has coached at all levels including work with professional athletes in both Boxing and Personal Training, but has a soft spot for coaching people new to Boxing.

“Under instructions, they tend to only learn good habits, and from there you really see their style evolve over a short period of time. I find this rewarding to see.”

When Boxing with Joe, you can expect to learn and develop and master the Boxing fundamentals of footwork, upper body movement skills, and tactical pad work, using focus mitts to simulate fighting patterns.

If Joe is your Personal Trainer you can be sure of varied workouts along your journey, where you will hit new levels of fitness.